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The funkiest networking event @ DMEXCO

September 13th, 2017

3 hours

Snacks & Drinks included

Halle Tor 2, Cologne

OMRace = Networking + Race-Action #FULLTHROTTLE

For our 10 year anniversary raceunion fulfilled our biggest birthday wish: Go-Carts at the OMClub. And not only that, before we open the track to the public, we’ll be hosting an exclusive race for some of our quickest sponsors. 🏎⏱🏁

3 hours of private racing combined with high quality networking. Ideal  Ideal for funseekers who also want to cultivate and maintain good contacts.

Whether with businesspartners, colleagues or friends. The OMRACE will certainly entertain you and your guests. It positions itself between the dmexco itself and our crazy Party. We see it as our new and slightly whacked out networkingdinner with a whole lot of action!

OMRACE short and sweet:

We’ll begin at 6:30- 7:00 pm. After a  few snacks and some mingling, you’ll be instructed briefly on how to race a cart. Out of your 8 Teammembers 4 will be allowed to race.

Meanwhile the other 4 can stuff themselves on delicious food, mingle some more while overlooking the racetrack and obviously root for their own raceteam and offer mental support. The exclusive race will end at approximately 10 pm, which is when the track will be opened to the public. An award ceremony will be hosted shortly after at the OMClub party. Both, the best Raceteam as well as the best Single racer, will receive an award!

Whoever breaks first, loses!


Sponsoren des OMRace 2017

Ihr seid die besten, Danke!!

Any questions?

Here you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Get yourself 7 business partners, colleagues or friends and form a Team. Before this is done (or after), write a mail to omrace@omclub.de.

  • The OMRACE will be hosted at the OMClub location, the adress is HALLE Tor 2. Girlitzweg 30, 50829 Cologne. You do not enter the main entrance though, instead you enter the hall opposite (on the right) of the Mainlocation.  The space is called “Wassermannhalle” and there will be banners which hint as to where the race will take place. 

  • Public transport: 
    DIE HALLE Tor 2 is easily reachable via tram (Line S 12) . If you are coming from the tradefair, just get in at “Messe/Deutz” (Track 9-10) and ride until the stop “Müngersdorf/Technologiepark” comes up. You can also go from Cologne Central Station of course. The trip will take about 10 Minutes. From “Müngersdorf/Technologiepark”, the walk is about 5 Minutes.

    Transport by car:
    Type in this adress into your navigational system:
    DIE HALLE Tor 2
    Girlitzweg 30
    50829 Köln
    But we advise: Leave your car at home!


  • You will only be admitted to the OMRACE with your ticket. At the venue, you’ll receive a special wristband for raceteams and obviously also the wristband which allows you entrance to the OMClub party and access to free drinks and everything else we have in store for you.

  • YES! As the OMRACE is sort of a new and improved Dinner – but with tons of action, there will be a buffet ready for you and your guests in an area overlooking the racetrack. 

  • Drinks are obviously free (you are at OMClub after all!), and there will be a big selection to choose from. 

  • Networking will begin around 6:30- 7:00 pm. After mingling and sncking on the buffet you’ll be quickly advised on how to actually race a cart. Das The race itself will take 60 minutes and your 4 racers can interchange who races however often they like, as we of course have a pit lane ready for you. The exclusive race will end at approx. 10:00 pm, which is when the track will be open to the other OMClub guests. An award ceremony will take place shortly after the race right at the OMClub party.

  • Sporty. In the best case, you wear a comfortable pair of pants, a light shirt (preferably with your companies logo on it, or a slogan you all agreed upon!), and flat shoes.  If you want you can bring a change of clothes which you can check at the cloakroom 8during the race/during the party).

  • Nope, you do not need a valid drivers licence. The only thing you’ll need is a need for speed and strong nerves to reach the finish line first!

The participating Teams of OMRace 2017


Race Union
Raceunion is looking for an E-Commerce retailer for their Deutsche Payment Team to reach the finish line even faster – and help make the opposing teams eat Race Union’s dust.


Sparhandy Phontastic Four
If you slow down later, you will be driving fast longer “”- this is the motto of the four intrepid superheroes of the”” Sparhandy Phonetastic Four “”, who will soon conquer the legendary “”Circuit de Ehrenfeld “”! Out of a seemingly endless repertoire of daring marketing loudmouths, self-overestimating sales managers, esoteric SEOs and nerdy IT’lers and through a hard-hitting casting process under the supervision of Capt’n Kai, the Racing Crème de la Crème has quickly crystallizedIt! There is no doubt that the trophy will soon be put into the shop window in Breite Strasse!



Appromoters Racing
is warming up for the upcoming OMRACE at OMClub! Our team of highly trained pilots is fuelled with app marketing energy and ready to challenge the other drivers on the racetrack!


Online MarKARTing racers
rankingCoach in the fast lane! Make room, because today we’re not only on the google ranking hunt! We’ve got plenty of international power to let the tires glow and bring the Cup to Cologne-Deutz! We’ll see you in the rearview mirror …


Fernando CPAlonso
Drive or Die


InterNetX Website Tuning
The InterNetX team, Europe’s leading B2B provider of domains, server and SSL, provides digital agencies, innovative start-ups and established companies with the necessary IT resources to ensure a strong growth – as a reliable partner in the background.



We replace our sails and guns for motor, eyepatches and balaclavas. 
landlubbers will go under! ARRR!


Growth hackers

We build Companies quicker than you can think of. Get used to see our taillights!


Haufe Lexware

The lexrocket kart team unifies the racing legends surrounding Mario-Kart Pro Florian Schmitt. As soon as the Ladies around Princess Peach go to bed, the craftsmen Mario and Luigi can start to have fun!. 

With delicious shrooms we slide on shells and race over the rainbow. Who takes the wrong turn loses. 


Startup SAFARI

Where we drive it’s the poleposition 🙂


Team Youtubers


Cologne Founders

As Cologne’s Startup Founders we don’t just go full throttle with our Startups but also on track. Braking -> Losing



360VIER & Friends Racing Team. Der derbste Drehmoment der deutschen Digitalagenturen. Um den anderen keine Chance zu lassen haben wir sofort nach dem relaunch des OMClub unsere besten Kunden in einem anspruchsvollen Qualifying ausgewählt. Real mit dabei sind unsere GUDEN Freunde für das Homelike Gefühl fern von der Heimat. Es gibt dreihundertsechzigvier Gründe für einen Sieg. #turntheengineson #omgo



We can’t just only create good stories. We line up to make history.


OMClub Legends

As foudning fathers of OMClub we’ve saved the pole-position. Being the heroes in Online Marketing we compete to winthe legend-status at OMRACE


OMClub Allstars

All their lives the OMClub Allstars prepared for this race. Starting from their childhood on Kettcars, as adolescents on bumper cars or later with Mario Kart on N64. Our Social Media team has has hidden behind you for a long time to now surpass all of you and race to the goal first

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