September 13th 2017 | Cologne | All drinks included

The UNofficial party at dmexco

When the OMClub was hosted for the first time in 2008, we wanted to offer an alternative to the official trade-fair party. Instead of collars, ties and awkward exchanges, with us the only goal is to party all out! Over the years, we have evolved. We aim to be more colorful, more crazy and most importantly BETTER than the year before.

On Wednesday, the 13th of September 2017 we’ll celebrate our 10th anniversary – and we are going to party like never before!

Thanks to the best sponsors in the world!

Without you the OMClub would not be possible

Any remaining questions?

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Would you like to party with us? Then you should know that tickets are NOT available in stores (or anywhere else). You can only get tickets through one of our sponsors, or (if you are really lucky) by winning them in one of our raffles. Those will be announced via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in our newsletter.

  • YES! Additional tickets can be booked directly through the OMClub team. As a party sponsor you can book in intervals of 5! Please contact us directly at to increase your quota.

  • Yes, you can. If, due to any circumstance, you cannot be there the first night of the (trade) show, and thus miss out on the greatest spectacle ever, you don’t have to let your ticket expire. We don’t check your identity at the entrance, and we don’t care if Heidi shows up with Harald’s ticket, or if Gϋnther’s name is all of a sudden Kevin.

  • You still have a couple of days so don’t worry. We will release info concerning the location soon.

  • However you feel most comfortable!

  • Not only would it be much harder to get tickets without being a party sponsor, – an OMClub sponsoring offers way more than free admission and free alcohol ‘til the bitter end.
    If you decide to put money into OMClub, we’ll spotlight your brand. If you care to check out how an OMClub sponsoring could look like for you, stop by our event in Cologne (Köln). Every year 150-200 sponsors make possible incredible party nights, which remain memorable in the minds of our partyguests. Together we will find the right party sponsoring to fit your brand. Through your personal story we will showcase your products or brand not only at the party itself, but also start promoting long before the “big event”.  Through our one-of-a –kind settings we will make sure you will become unforgettable to our guests.

  • Admission is only for ticket holders! Right then and there you will receive a beautiful wristband, which will enable you to enjoy a whole night of partying and drinking – until you can’t take it anymore.

  • From experience we can tell you that we will be completely sold out. Meaning, there will be NO tickets sold at the door. Please don’t push your luck and bring a friend. If you should need extra tickets, please contact us and we will try our best and check if other sponsors have a ticket left over and are willing to let you in.

  • OMClub will provide you with everything from beer to cocktails, and long drinks- all the way to hard liquor. And the best thing is, it won’t cost you a cent!
    If you need to establish a good base before your alcohol consumption, there will be plenty of diverse food choices available. Those will be available for sale to you all night!

  • Admission starts at 9pm, so you can freshen up and throw on your best outfit quickly after the trade show. There really isn’t a program that needs to be followed to the t, but there will be some little surprises and highlight strewn in all through the night. There is no such thing as LAST CALL at OMClub – we party like there is no tomorrow!

Freetickets for the OMClub

We’re excited that you’re interested in attending the OMClub 2017. Tickets can not be bought individually. You can get free tickets by having connections or through one of our raffles. Our raffles are announced via facebook, twitter as well as our newsletter. 

The only way to get tickets without luck or connections is is to become a sponsor yourself! 

We are looking forward to an incredible party with you!

The OMClub Team